Become a T-BOW® Instructor      

Join the International team of T-BOW® instructors from countries such as the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, UK and Holland, just to name a few. Learn all you need to know to instruct a safe and exciting T-BOW® Workout. Positively impact peoples lives with the amazing health benefits from the T-BOW® Workout, and let your inspiration and motivation shine. By becoming an instructor you will be part of the T-BOW® family all over the world, and have the knowledge to teach the latest fitness craze.

The T-BOW® Instructor Training is a one day, 8 hour course where you will go through different lectures and practicals to learn how to instruct a safe, fun, and energetic T-BOW® Workout. Our highly trained T-BOW® Master Trainer will give top of the line coaching and cover all there is to know about the biomechanics, technique, choreography and all the elements that makes T-BOW® the most effective workout. Motivate others, burn calories, and train all areas of your body in one workout. Not only will you look and feel your best, but be the healthiest you can be to live life to the fullest!

You will receive:

T-BOW® Instructor Training Certificate of Completion, valid for two years
T-BOW® Instructor Manual

If interested in hosting a T-BOW® Workout Instructor Training with discounted rates please contact or call 330.486.0915.

T-BOW® Functional Training Manual

* The T-Rings are now pink and latex free