Training and Therapy

The T-BOW® can be used lengthways, crossways and upside down and also with or without optional T-Rings making it a truly universal exercise tool for training and therapy. The shape of the T-BOW® is designed to fit the curvature of the human body and offers the correct support it also gives multiple options for increasing the range of movement for more effective body training, particularly helpful for many back problems.

T-BOW® will add new motivation, fitness challenges and fun for clients of personal trainers as well as in a whole range of group fitness classes from pure T-BOW® classes to pilates, yoga, circuit, stretch, childrens, seniors as well as sports performance training.

Training low fitness level people has been studied at Zurich University and after 8 weeks with 2 sessions per week the following improvements have been recorded.

All subjects (female & male) achieved a 5-10% reduction in their resting heart rates, a 30% improvement in balance and a 20-95% increase in their dynamic strength.