T-BOW® Workout Philosophy

What makes T-BOW® so incredibly different then other fitness tools on the market? The philosophy behind the T-BOW® to train five key elements in one workout, creating the healthiest body you can. The five elements the T-BOW® Workout trains are your body's cardiovascular system, muscular strength, flexibility, balance/stability and coordination. Not to forget it's amazing quality to strengthen the joints, eliminate low back pain and train the core like no other. Unlike other products that only train one element of health and wellness, the T-BOW® trains all five key elements. The T-BOW® Workout allows your body to train all the deep stability muscles that traditional exercises alone can not. By actively positioning your body's form correctly on the T-BOW®, you are strengthening the joints and preventing injury. Thus, the T-BOW®'s prophylactic training philosophy; prevention of injury. This prophylactic training focuses on stretching the muscles that are tight due to prolonged sitting and strengthening the muscles that are often weak.

The combination of these five key elements not only get you looking great, but help you become the healthiest you can be in every aspect.

Cardiovascular training:
Cardiovascular training on the T-BOW® is similar to a step but the curvature allows more variations.
Benefits: decreases body fat, lower blood pressure, decreases resting heart rate, increases high density lipoproteins (HDL) which is your bodies good cholesterol, improves relaxation, better sleep and mood, strengthes your immune system and decreases anxiety, tension and depression.

Muscular strength training:
Strength training on the T-BOW® is ideal for strengthening the torso. The curvature supports optimal stabilization of the lumbar spine. The T-BOW® also allows many variations of exercises and diverse possibilities to increase intensity level.
Benefits: increases in bone density, prevention of Osteoporosis, increases metabolism, strengthens and tones muscles and slows down aging process

Flexibility training:
Flexibility training with the T-BOW® enables more range of motion and longer movement. During stretching the T-BOW® supports the spine in it's natural contour.
Benefits: balanced muscle groups, injury prevention, increases range of motion, improves posture, reduces muscle soreness, reduces risk of low back pain and increases blood circulation.

When training your balance on the T-BOW® the active rotation of the knee encourages stabilization and strengthening of the knee joints. Balancing on the narrow edges stabilize and strengthen the ankle joints and proprioceptors.
Benefits: increases tendon/ligament strength, enhances nervous system activity, enhances performance, increases injury prevention, enhances proprioception, improves reaction time and strengthens the core.

Coordination training:
Coordination training on the T-BOW® “provokes valuable training for the functional connection of the longitudinal axis of the legs”.
Benefits: enhances the functioning of muscle groups, improves the execution of the body's movements and enhances athletic performance.